How to create Child actor components from the same class to control their functionality..!?

Hi there,

I’m trying to follow Zak’s tutorial for making puzzle ball game at specific minute 41:56 of this video : Blueprint Making a 3D Puzzle Game | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube .

Now the issue here for me is that i’m doing this for a chess board comprised of 64 identical tile meshes , i can’t create a different child blueprint for each one and name it tile01 …tile02 …up until …tile64 …, it would be tedious , …

…I want each Tile to be a child actor component of the main board blueprint,…the reason why i want this ,is that i need each tile to be aware of its sourounding tiles presence and toggle their state via the functionality called from the tile parent bp…

…and to do that i need to create 64 child blueprint inheriting from that tile parent bp which is tedious …So How to go about doing this…???

…I know the solution is related to the construction script’s " Add child actor component " node ,but it still adding the same tile parent bp class not unique tiles child blueprints … is there a way to make " Add child actor component " node able to add unique tile meshes from the same tile mesh fro example…??

Thank you for your support .