How to create character movement like 'Subway surfers' or 'Despicable me'?

Hi, i have made through the ‘endless runner’ tutorial and everything works very nice. I want to implement character movement like the character from ‘Subway surfers’ or ‘Despicable me’ mobile games. Swipe left for left strafe with animation, swipe right for right strafe and animation. Slide down for slide on the ground to pass underneath objects, slide up for jumping. Which is the correct way to do this ? Thanks.

I also want to implement “Sliding” for my side scroller game. I hope someone will post a tutorial link. Subscribed this ques :wink:

if you want just to go forward and not turn corners as in endless runner. Remove player rotation.

You will need to make your own animation, or purchase them.

left/right can be with normal movement controls, slightly modified.

For now, remove animation for walking will give you an idea.

Just somewhere to get started.

, check this out: Swipes - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

These characters can be unlocked in the Me section at the bottom of the home screen by spending coins, keys, money, completing tasks, or using character tokens

  1. Create a Character: Start by creating a character sprite, either by drawing it yourself or by using a program like Photoshop or Gimp. Make sure that the sprite has a variety of animations, including running, jumping, and other actions.

  2. Create a Movement System: You’ll need to create a movement system that allows the character to move left and right, as well as jump and other actions. You can use a physics engine, like Box2D, to create realistic movement for your character.

  3. Implement Collision Detection: You’ll need to implement a collision detection system so that your character can interact with the environment. This could be as simple as a 2D grid or as complex as a physics engine.

  4. Add Obstacles and Platforms: Create obstacles and platforms for your character to interact with. This could be as simple as some walls or as complex as moving platforms.

  5. Add Collectables: Add collectables to your game, such as coins or power-ups. These can be used to give your character extra abilities or just to make the game more interesting.

  6. Add Enemies: Enemies can make your game more challenging and exciting. Create a variety of enemies with different abilities and behaviors, such as shooting or chasing your character.

  7. Add a Score System: Create a score system so that players can compare their progress and compete with each other. You could also add a leaderboard for players to compare their scores with others.

  8. Optimize and Test: Optimize your game and test it to make sure it runs smoothly. Make sure all the features are working correctly and that the game is fun and engaging.
    If you want to know more about subway surfers’ characters, I’d recommend reading this more resourceful guide.