how to create camera system just like in jump force?

hello ue4 users , am trying to long time to create a camera fight game something just like jump force that we see in E3 2018

the system am following now is on this image

here is my setup :


my problem is finding a way to rotate SpringArm base on where the two players are , and changing the target offset in springArm base on where the closest player move (right or left)

please if anyone has an idea about how to add this things to my system tell me, and thanks you so mush

your question doesnt say what your trying to do or what issue your having. you mention e3 and some random game but does that mean you expect everyone to have seen e3 or the game you mention? if you expect others to do the research to figure out what you mean and then build it for you then you have the wrong idea of what the answerhub is for, try the section of the forum for hiring people.

if you need help with something describe whats meant to happen, the specific issue your having, and what youve tried (post your script thus far). if you dont provide the information for people to be able to help you then you will likely be ignored.

It looks like you want a camera that will always zoom out enough to keep all the players within its view.
Or do you want to restrict player movement so they cant leave the edges of the screen?

Some better known examples of what I am thinking are Super Smash bros and The New Super Mario bros

please man dont get me wrong , am not that pro with cameras and i ask this to have a resource or anything that can help me build this system , i already did a lot to find this system but its look like no one try to do it , fourms and another resource nothing find , at list let me try this way i may find something

those two games are in 2d space and its easy to make then the 3d space where i want the players to move anywhere in everywhere , true i want them to dont leave the edges of the screen

i wasnt trying to be mean or say you should know this, my point was that you didnt explain your issue and didnt explain the system you were looking to make. this is a resource to help people and im glad you attempted to find the answer on your own, but if we dont know what the issue is we cannot help.

okey i get your point thanks , i added more info about my system and what i need to fix

never mind i find how to do it , just make a reference and get the rotation of it

the same principle applies