How to Create C++ for existing blueprint

Hello. I have a character blueprint class. and i want to add c++ class to that character. There is a way i saw that we can add blueprint to c++ class. But i want to add c++ to existing blueprint character class. How can i make it ?

Also i have one more problem.I can add all type of c++ classes to my project but i can’t add character class.When i add it ue4 editor gives this error. It will not appear before you recompile your project etc… When i compile my project it just says compile failed. And i tried to build the project inside visual studio it give lots of errors inside “character.h”.
Thanks you. :slight_smile:

Just create the C++ class (choose parent Character), then go to your blueprint and select file->reparent blueprint.

Edit: just read the second part of your question. Maybe right click on your .uproject file and select “generate visual studio files”? In visual studio also go to Build->Build Solution and see if that produces any errors

@tehhax thank you very much. :slight_smile:

So when i add #include “GameFramework/Character.h” to my another actor’s header.or same problem when i add character class to project. It gives error to all GENERATED_? things. In there error code it says - type identifier missing : c++ does not include default int support - ?

I see that your class ASlow is derived from AActor… is it really possible to give him properties from the ACharacter?

Okey i solved the problem.I have changed something in character.h before.So that was the problem. i repaired my unreal engine than problem solved. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: