How to create buttons touch screan

Hello friends! I would like to know how to create and configure botoões touch screen , for example a button for my character jump. I will be very grateful for any help! I’m using Google Translate, any error I’m sorry. See you!!!

Hey, I’ve had the same need a couple days ago but could solve it.
The first thing I did was looking at this: UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation
It’s a tutorial on how to make a interface with health, energy bar and a pause button in the game.
We want the same thing with the pause button but as a “Jump” button. (In my case a Crouch button):

After I did the Design (not finished) I had to create a new custom event in my Character Blueprint that was called by the Graph:

You can simply do the event you want after the first execute.

I hope this helps, because there is not much about this around here in this forum.