How to create bouncing knifes considering the impact target (2D)

Hello guys,

maybe you can help me out…

In my Game - a 2D-Scroller - i have already make the player to be able throwing knives.
These Knives colide with walls - espacially the Tilemap - or other actors and they will stuck in there.

Also the knives will bouncing if there are not stucking directly on the front.

Now my question: If i have created two typs of object.

  1. Woooden stuff - the knives will stuck.
  2. Metellic stuff - the knives will bounce

How can i get an information to call up the different “Materials”?
Or how would you do that? Creat two separate actors or tags. Maybe there is one more issue.

Thank you for your answer and have a sunny day :wink: