How to create Blink from Dishonored

Please share your thoughts on that.

  1. Perform a Raycast that is the length of your allowed Blink.
  2. Take the Hit location of the Raycast (if there is one), do a Capsule Sweep the size of the player a meter or so up ending a meter or so down to verify you have a safe landing point (or a ledge, etc).
  3. Teleport instantly, or move over a second or so to the location you found. Add VFX/SFX for flavor. :slight_smile:

I’d add an impulse in the direction of blink instead of just teleporting to the location. Will help to solve a lot of issues that teleport solution might create (“blinking” through small holes, etc)

Sounds like a neat solution.

However for the “blinking through small holes etc” potential issue, thats what the Capsule Sweep is for :slight_smile:

Ok, I agree with you, I gave a bad example, but you get the idea :slight_smile:

Doesn’t the VInterpTo also automatically stop on collision?

Could somebody help me perform a Capsule Sweep? I don’t exactly understand what it means as I am new.