How to create big open world like skyrim or bigger

Hi, I am new with ue4.
I am not good speaking english, so I ask directly.

How to create big open world like skyrim or bigger ?
With Unity 3d, I made dynamic load content on terrain, and that was best solution for that.

I wonder how ue4 deal with content like that.
Can I make one terrible big map end the engine will hadle it automatic?

please some advice

Look into World Composition.

Yeah U can create big maps . U just need height maps for the purpose

U will find it here


I’m entering into a larger phase now with project and having big headaches with world composition.

I"m trying to manually place my own terrain,which I prefer honestly, its just not that hard, but is it even doable ?

I have a test case here, my main terrain + 2 simple flat terrains.

WC finds them, but I"m this looks nothing like the WC pictures in wiki does it ? :


In editor, seams obviously aren’t matching up . Also, when I try to 'move tiles where I’d like them , they move very chaotically , and the entire ‘white’ area moves with it .


Do I have to setup the x00y00 data in a file as if I"d imported a tiled terrain ?


from what i’ve learned so far,you can use a Heigh maps as suggested by A GUPTA. Once you have your picture, you can import it direclty in unreal by going in the landscape tool. Try different setings, apply a base material to it. You will surely want toknow more about Vertex painting once done. Havent test it myself, but it looks pretty useful and easy to use!

Good luck

Yes, but world composition doesn’t magically TILE them, you have to export it from something like WM, or do it manually , if thats even possible as I"m having no luck at all atm, though I"m working on it.

TY for attempt, but you didn’t understand my question.

I made my own levels, by hand in Ue4 with terrain tools, but there seems no way to get them to ‘line’ up as shown in my embedded pictures.

Thats what I was getting it, but ty anyway for trying, or feel free to offer more suggestions based on this information.

I"m continuing to work on it here of course.