How to create Automated Asset Import Data (blueprint widget utilities)

Hi all,

I’m creating some tools for importing assets automatically through blueprints (FBX meshes, FBX animation and Alembics). I’m getting totally stuck on how to create Automated Asset Import Data for the Asset Tools node to use.

I think I’m missing something obvious, as its by far “the simplest” part of the tool so far, but I cant work out how to create this data via blueprints and the documentation doesn’t seem to offer any information on this.

Similarly I’m trying to create a new level sequence, but once it’s created, it crashes UE4 every time I try to open it. I am sure this is because I haven’t set a “factory”. I’m also totally at a loss to work out how to create a reference to the correct factory through blueprints.

Any pointers would be extremely appreciated!

Use Construct From Object Class Node.

  1. Construct From Object Class Node -> Automated Asset Import Data
  2. Set Import Data
  3. Import Assets

Thank you so much, this is incredibly useful.


Wanted to bump this as Im getting a bunch of errors and I’m trying to get help on those.

this is what im having at the moment.


Right click on the “SET Import Data” node -> Create variable ‘Import Data’