how to create arm64 package for UE4.25 preview

Hi All,

I just downloaded the new 4.25 Preview 1 and created a new project with First Person shooter demo. I then navigate to build settings but I can only choose armv7 and the others(arm64, win64) are in grey, which I can’t select.

I’m wondering why I can’t build the demo in arm64?

Now in **Version 4.25, **you need to download the UnrealEngine Source Code to be able to Check “Arm64 Support” and “x86_64 Support”

So the answer is, Download UnrealEngine Source Code on **GitHub **, And then you will be able to Package youre “First Person shooter demo” in arm64

Pssst… Unreal Engine from the MarketPlace do not have all the features. Unreal engine Source code is the real deal :smiley: