How to create animations for UE4?

can someone please give me a few tutorials on how i can make animations
for 3d models i have made that are able to be used in UE4.7?

1 I will not use blender. so dont suggest it.
2 I do own maya 2014 but cant find any videos how to make animations for UE4
3 im not looking for mixamo… they have basically screwed me over when i purchased animations from them
they do NOT work with the characters i have made.

i have a dragon i have made using wings3d(maya is to hard to model in)
but i want to make animation files for my dragon.
i cant seem to find how these animation files are made.
can someone please tell me a few tutorials for making bones/skeletal meshes out of my models
and creating the animation files for animating them? thanks

Get the A.R.T installed for Maya and play around with it.

design a character in ART then keyframe animate then export the FBX to UE4 there are quite a few tutorials on how to do this (after the export is done).

Just curious. But what do you find so terrible about Blender?

I’ve used MAX for several years, never wanted to switch to blender 2.4 because it’s horrible. Tried the newer 2.7 and its miles better.
Blender is way more intuitive than anything ive ever used. It can do EVERYTHING max or maya can do afaik.

Maya is a great tool for creating animations for UE4. While the Animation Rigging Toolset (A.R.T.) is a great tool, especially for humanoid animations, it may be a bit complex to start with.

To get started, I suggest creating a simple animation loop for anything you want (bird flapping wings, dog walking etc.) and export that as an fbx. You’ll be prompted by the exporter what frames you want to include etc. Then import that fbx file into UE4 and it will import your skeletal mesh and animation all at once.

One thing to remember when creating animations in Maya is that Z needs to be up, and X needs to be forward (facing the camera). Once you’ve imported a simple animation, then you can begin creating different animations for various states the character will be in.

@Mordynak I don’t like blender because the user interface is super hard to learn and ugly… i tried to use it but the documentation never matches the downloads they provide. and it always has issues running on my horrible hp pro. with maya i can set the shaders to work with My gfx card, In blender there is no such settings(it gives errors about shaders way too often). besides I have a maya license because I’m a student at Itt. so i get to use it free for 3 years. :smiley: Max cost WAY too much or i would love to use it. i had it free for 90 days but it expired so that is out of the question.

I perfer to model using Wings3d then export to .x(DirectX) or .obj(wavefront) format then import to maya for scaling and texturing. :slight_smile:

so once i have a basic animation for my dragon i can create animations in UE4?

Anyone have a video on how to use A.R.T? this looks really cool but very complex im guessing LOL

Also, here is the official Unreal Engine playlist for their A.R.T. tutorials:

Sorry if my statement was misleading. You cannot create new animations from scratch in UE4, although you can tweak existing ones. What I meant was, start off with say, rigging your dragon in a T-Pose then animating a simple wing flap loop in your 3D program (ie Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, etc). Then export it as an FBX file; skeletal mesh, materials, animations and all. This will serve as a learning experience without investing a lot of time. Once you successfully create and import a “wing flap loop” for example, then you can create numerous animations to add to UE4 which you can later assign when to play using a State Machine.