How to create and where to get assets?

Newbie here.

I want to make a 3d animated video on some battlefield scene. I want to know from where I can get assets like 3d human models, guns, bombarded buildings etc.
is it easy to get premade assets or do you have to create them on your own?
How to create assets?
Can you recommend me easy softwares where I can make 3d human models and other simple assets and then import them to ue4.
I have watched some videos on youtube people making 3d human models in zbrush and blender. They start making human models from a single simple polygon. There should be something easier than that. I want something like where there is premade human model on which I can add details and customize it.


You can get assets from various places:

A good 3d program is blender -> in my opinion at the beginning a 3d program is never easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also recommend “Blender”, a good 3D program…