How to create and set default values of a float array during editor simulation

I have an array of floats I use for an animation but this array is created dynamically every time I play in the editor, I do not know the length of the array or any of the values inside of it but I want to capture them during a single simulation and set them as the default for use in the packaged game. I would like to avoid c++ scripting but if it is necessary, I can try it as well.

You can do it in blueprint and in C++ too what do you prefer?

Thanks for responding, I would prefer doing it now in blueprints.

  1. Create a float variable withe place default value

2.1) Create a function (is a part of code that you can use when you need it)

2.2) Create in Inputs Float Array variable

  1. Inside the function take the array input and use For Each Loop to check all array element 1 by 1

  2. Use Set Array Element with input Tartet Array the Array you insert in input for function, Index is actual element number that you can take from ForEachLoop and in item the default array element you want to use

Where you need to reset the array just drag and drop the funcion inside the graph and give him input array to reset with your defaul value.

PS: Who know C++ and Blueprint prefer using Blueprint becouse you program faster and the result was the same. And if you made an error is only logical error non grammar.

Thank you MK Studio for trying to help me, but your method does not seem to work for what I wanted to do.

I finally solved my problem very simply,

  1. All I had to do was expose my array with the little eye button.
  2. Play in the editor window and Shift F1 eject my mouse.
  3. Select the Actor in the World Outliner that contained my array.
  4. Make sure my event had passed and the array was set (mine had 71 elements)
  5. Right click on top of the elements and choose ‘copy’
  6. Exit from PIE and go to blueprint graph and ‘paste’ over the default area in the now empty array.
  7. Done

Thank you as well Scott, but this method seems to reset actor values without discretion because when I hovered over it, it told me it would change 15 things, and I only wanted the change 1 array.
I simply solved it by copy pasting the element value from the exposed array after ejecting from PIE.

Ah I just bad understand what you asked for xD. To do it faster you can use Scott answer method