How to create and enable-disable offmeshlink (navlink) from code

I’m trying to build a actor representing door generating at runtime.

Door has two states, open & close - just visual models are different, collision model for navmesh is the same (there is no navmesh under the door)

I want to create offmesh link to allow my agent to pathfind (and traverse) through this gap.

Here is the code:

m_OffMeshLink = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<ANavLinkProxy>();

UNavigationSystem* NavSys = UNavigationSystem::GetCurrent(GetWorld()); //not nullptr


by default, navigation link should be disabled, but pathfinding still use it.

I think this should be handled in dtNavMeshQuery::passLinkFilter but within this function

a) isLinkAllowed return always true

b) userId is always 0

so filter allows traversal of the link

(user id is 0 from NavLinkProxy constructor through all building process and there is no way to provide custom userId other than changing the engine code)

I think I’m doing something wrong.
What is the correct way to create off mesh link from c++ and be able to disable/enable it?

Have you solve your issue somehow? I have almost the same issue - Intentional navmesh gaps with generated NavLinkProxy objects, but I don’t know how do disable them

Unfortunately not. I’m hoping someone answers it. If you made some progress, please, let me know