How to create an UMG Arc Slider?

I need to create an arc slider, this is the normal slider:


and this is the one i would need:


I saw this post too:

Do I need to create a C++ class and a BluePrint for this, or maybe just a “skin” for the slider?

So this was my solution…

  1. make a canvas with the background image of the arc and the control inside
  2. set the control image anchor in the left-bottom corner ,to have a 0 → 700 in width and 0->400 in height
  3. in the touch event you just have to set the position using maths:
    x = offsetx + r * cosd(angle) ; y = offsety + r * sind(angle)
    where angle is the value of your slider from 0 to 1 multiplied by the angle of the arc : 180º and the radio is the maximum distance.