How to create an Omnidirectional Skill Tree / World Map

I think this will be my first real post here on the forums so I will start on something I have been stuck on for a while.

I want to create a skill tree system that is similar to the Sphere Grid(FF10), Licencebord(FF12), Skill path(Path of Exile).

Fore those kinds of things I have assumed that using UMG is the best option. But I have not found anything that will help me navigate a larger then the screen skill map or even a worldmap.
Basically I want to be able to move around in X and Y, also be able Zoom in and out.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to achieve this kind of function then please inform me, I will be grateful.

// Intekin

Use UMG scrollbox; to recreat the feels of Spheregrid, project the UMG panel as a 3D object and control the camera’s position on Z axis.

I would make a “blackbox” below the game world to accommodate these UMG elements with a camera reserved to only look at it… when player goes to that “menu” screen, switch rendering to that camera and give it gamepad control priority until player is back to the game.

Thank you BrUnO for your input.

I can see how that could work for what I have in mind. With this clear direction, I now know where to go searching for more specific things.
Thank you so much.

I will post some updates or problems when I get to them.

UMG would be fine to prototype with and prove out the plan you have for this. Personally I’d build the final version with a few curve/straight bar meshes, and nodule meshes for my skills, and do it with 3D/2D meshes in the world. Which would allow much more control over curved surface design, and material fills, and bloom/lighting…etc. The licence board could probably remain UMG - but the FF10 board is definitely meshes, the camera another thing to consider. The angle is not always top-down on FF10, they sometimes give you perspective view of the board, from like a 50deg angle.

Thank you Nick
I am currently focusing on something like the licence board. But your insight to the FF10 mesh board did open up some new ideas for me. For some reason I did not think that it was made out of meshes. But since you mentioned it, it made perfect sense.
[MENTION=2522]Nick Darnell[/MENTION]
Creating the licence board thing with 3D widgets and a movable camera is quite interesting. In the beginning my thoughts where stuck inside the Widget blueprint. But placing it in the world opens up a new set of options I had not thought of before.

I should have used the forums a long time ago.