How to create an Item Exchange Area

Howdy everyone,
I’m having difficulty figuring out how to make an item exchange zone in my game using blueprints. Here’s what I’m attempting to have happen.

Area requires items A & B to Produce C
Character drops item A in area, zone receives, destroys the item, and remembers the item that was deposited.
Character drops item B in area, zone receives, destroys the item, and remembers that items A & B were deposited.
Area spawns Item C for Player to retrieve.

Anyone have ideas on how to best implement this blueprint setup/logic?

Fairly straightforward logic for this.

  1. Obviously you need 2 items that can be “collected” by the player
  2. So you would need items that on “overlap” or “hit” etc event will be stored somewhere, could be player character as a boolean or what have you. Could also be physically adding the collectible to the player character like the character now is seen “holding” said collectible etc
  3. You need some “trigger event”, this can be an overlap or an input event like “Press E” or something that will register the player is attempting to “deposit” something in the “exchange area”.
  4. In the blueprint for the “exchanger” I would have 2 booleans, one for each item you want
  5. After an item is deposited have it change the boolean for item 1 or 2 whichever was deposited to true. Then have it check and see if both booleans are true (both items have been deposited)
  6. If yes spawn item C
  7. If no do nothing

The logic is simple, implementing it is straightforward albeit tedious. There are many ways to go about “implementing” this depending on your set-up. Above is just one way to do it.