How to create an event/notify that will call a function in animation blueprint

I’m having trouble figuring out how to call a function (that I created from a C++ class) before, during, or after a specific animation in my animation state machine (this is all in an animation blueprint).

I can create my C++ function just fine inside my animation blueprint. The problem is, I can’t figure out notifies or events within the animation blueprint to call the function during my desired animation state. For example, after my character plays the “climb onto rock ledge” animation, I want to call a function.

Or better yet, 0.1 seconds before my desired animation ends, call the function.

Thanks for any help.

Of course as soon as I asked this, I found out how to access my custom named event on the transition state. In the Animation Blueprints’ “Event Graph”, I right clicked and searched for “Anim notify” and as one of the options it brought up the name of the custom event I set on the transition between the animation states I wanted.

From there I could link to the function I wanted to call, with no other input needed.

I still am wondering how one would call a function at a specific time during any given animation though?

At least for now, I got what I wanted working. :slight_smile: