How to create an empty volume (or mesh)

I’m a tad bit tired so maybe I’m overlooking this. But I’m looking at how to create an empty volume (or mesh)? So I can use that volume to contain procedurally placed items. Using a mesh seems bring the baggage of textures and lighting

I have never tried / Thought of this!

This is a awesome idea - One way I could immediately (Easy way) of doing it would be to have 8 small Trigger Volumes / Target Points (In the corners of where you want this area to be) and then via Blueprint using the world co-ords to set an area where the items are allowed to be spawned.

Or better yet, using a Plane with an invisible Material with a tag that’s called “Spawned here” and put the items in a random location on meshes with this material tag.

This would be the part where I’d like the relevant documentation page, But I can’t think of one off the top of my head at the moment. When I get a spare moment, I’ll go digging to see what I can find for you!

I forgot to include BSP as an option. It would be nice if the volume could be edited like a BSP IE having vertices manipulation, and streching per face

You can use “Random point in bounding box” node connected to box collision. I’m using this + raytracing to floor to find ground point and spawn it physically correct at right angle

Also any volume(Like postprocess, physics, blocking etc) could be edited with Geometry tool

Did a little work on this last night, when a volume is added as a component it becomes uneditable with the geometry tool, and can only be scaled like a mesh. But it’s probably possible to go the other way around and have a blueprint that looks for specifically named volumes. Which is probably a better method in terms of not having multiple instances of blueprint in a level, its just not a drag and drop implementation. The other option is a spline, which requires more work to create an enclosed area, with height.