How to create an animation from scratch?

I am lost in the unreal editor (v5):

There is the big “+ Key” button that says in the hint “Add bone transform to Additive Layer Tracks (S)”. I did this once and I am able to manipulate the bones of my skeletal mesh. Great. Now if I hit this button again, I get the warning " Curve with name upperarm_r and type RCT_Transform (2) already exists". So this “+ Key” doesn’t just seem to add a key frame.

I can add a curve, but those then seem to be unrelated to my bone rotations.

And I can add individual curves to every single bone - but I have seen people who just manipuate the skeleton and add key frames every now and then, for the cumulative rotations of all the bones that they touched. How to do that?

What am I missing?

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Could it be, that it is still necessary (after 7 years) that the creation of an animation from scratch requires to first record a new animation of the desired length?