How to create an airplane

Hi all!

I want to make an airplane on Unreal Engine and I would like to know some tips to start with. I’m starting with Unreal but I come from Unity.
The flying tutorial is a bit too simple without any physic. In the Landscape demo, the Hang Glider has a real more feeling but well is not a plane and for what I see they calculate velocity as it wants without physics.

I don’t want to make a flight simulator but more or less a real feeling with some physics. Should I use only forces? (I saw them a little unstable) Calculate velocity? Rotate and translate without physics? No gravity?
Also I’m using the Blueprint Editor because I found it easy and visual but I could program, I lost something by using the Blueprint system?

I have been looking for some tutorial but didn’t found anything very interesting, only demos.

There is no proper flight physics engine setup within UE4 so you would need to do something yourself to calculate aerodynamics properly to create lift correctly.