How to create an aim down sight system, with only one camera?

Hello, I know this has been asked many a times, however all relevant threads do not provide a solution for what im trying to accomplish.

I have an issue i’ve been trying to resolve for a while with no success. I’m working on a better version of an ads system. I’ve tried using the 2 camera system and its way to cumbersome to get the cameras lined up on different weapon meshes. After aborting that, I’m trying to make an ads system using only one camera where the rifle is brought to the center of the screen via an animation. i made the animation and In my character blueprint when the input event is triggered I play animation ads and get the animation to display. the problem is i can aim left and right however the follow camera moves up and down separately from the rifle mesh. I know this is because the animation is static but is there anyway to get the animation to move based upon controller pitch input? I tried playing the aim offset I made but it still doesn’t work.

Or a secondary solution would be to move the follow camera to a location which allows the iron sights to line up. but again I cannot find relevant information to this.

The issue with using 2 cameras is im dealing with weapons that have different heights over bores for sights so adjusting the camera to get all different gun sights to align is a near impossibility

Yes I will update tomorrow after a good night’s sleep

I’m not sure why the animation pose + aim offset doesn’t work. Could you provide me with some pictures or a video?