How to create an access code with Blueprints

Hello! I was wondering if there is a way using blueprints to make an access code system, what I mean is that players can’t get to the main menu of my game without entering a code first. I am planning to release my game into pre-alpha soon, and I don’t want redistribution’s being given out by my beta testers. If it would be possible using blueprints, to create different unique codes that can only be used once, then get deleted off of a enumeration system or something.

Hey there, i would say you can create an empty level with a UMG widget asking for a code (just a simple editable textbox), then OnTextCommited event you check if it’s a specific value, if it is then you do Open Level Main Menu and you should be good to go. Another thing, make sure you are making a distribution version when packaging, because if you send a development build they can access the console and do OpenLevel MainMenu and bypass the security measures we just talked about.

Thanks xlar8or for the response! I will be trying this out and let you know if it worked :slight_smile:

Surething :slight_smile:

Thanks! It worked! I was able to make a widget that when a correct code was entered into a textbox, after clicking accept it went to the main menu world. If the code is incorrect, it prints a string saying incorrect code (still working on making it look fancier, and a way to make codes expire).

Good to know :slight_smile: