How to create a weapon switch system?

I tried many systems of this, and could find no tutorials. If you can find one, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Not a tutorial but might give some ideas: Weapon Equip System Showcase - YouTube

Wow, 1.1k views on this.

With two and a fifth thousand people viewing this question, could we get an answer of how to program this? 2.2k is an amount of views where someone who works at UE4 should answer this. Come on guys; you made the shooter model, can’t you just tell me how to do it in BP?

Gimmie the criteria on what you want in it… and ill give it ago… made some in the past for topdown and few other 3rd person sets…

when you say switch… numbers… mousewheel… inventory?(may give me some issues)

the basis would be just using a enum of such and or interger based list to select the item ie weapon…

I want a system in a FPS where you pick up weapons and can swap between them with a scroll wheel. Thanks for the help!

I’m working on the twin stick shooter demo and wanted to add a weapon switch system to switch with the “Y” button on my game pad. Hoping you guys had something cuz no one else seems to lol. Thanks!

Still no answer…wow.

If this many people are looking for it. I can do a tutorial of making a weapon switching system.

since this is such a popular thread with no real answers for beginning unreal engine developers I created a video tutorial of being able to walk up to the gun and pick it up, along with switching between them.

Here is the link.