How to create a wave like wind effect

Dear forum members, I am trying to create a facade that should look like the following video.

However I am unable to produce this wave like wind effect and i end up with something like in the following video.

I have modeled the whole facade as one object and turned it into a clothing object in Unreal, ive painted the vertices of these rectangular planes in 3ds max and use the vertex color as mask in Unreal. Earlier on I tried to import only single plane and placed copies of it in Unreal but that totally crashed the performance.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You could also fake it by panning a normal map in your material.

I have tried that, but it just doesnt look good enough from close.

You can probably still go single plane route. Just use the terrain foliage tool to paint it into the space (and turn up the slope limit) as that will automatically make a HISM out of the static mesh and save you performance. I don’t think you can paint on ceilings, but you can definitely paint up vertical walls.

But as far as i know you cannot use skeletal meshes in the foliage, and without that you cannot use the cloth options.