How to create a variable category?

my actual problem is that i wan’t to make my projectile bounce, i’ve already posted a question here in answerhub and got no luck (How to make a projectile bounce - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums)
i’ve tried to configure my projectile like the one from the first person sample project (in that project the projectile bounces), the only thing i couldn’t reproduce is the “variable category”, it’s been set as “projectile” and this category doesn’t exist in an empty project.

someone know how to create a variable category or a workaround to make my projectile bounce?

if it’s not clear, this is what i’m talking about:

Hi Veccher,

Categories are just a way of having variables placed into a branch to help manage your workspace.
See on your screenshot on the left in the variables pane? You have the drop down segment labelled as “Components”?

That is a category. Where you are selecting category drop down? Instead just type in there what you want it to be in and it will create another branch just like the Components one you can see.


haha and i was thinking this was some kind of witchcraft, ty for clarifying things, plus i got back at the bounce error in my projectile, i’ve discovered bounce works once you set the collision component as root component.