How to create a vaccum effect using Blueprint?

The visual effect you have to animate yourself. As for the suction effect you can add an hitbox and all actors that are hit by that hitbox are given a force push by using the node add force towards the gun. If you want to make the actors rotate you just add that vector to a vector tangential to the circle around your guns forward vector.


I want to create an effect that would simulate an actor being sucked into a vacucum. Think “Genie in a bottle.” Though I’m not sure how to go about setting this up via Blueprint. I know that I could create an EventOverLap, that could kill an actor. Though I don’t know how to create the illusion of the actor being " Pulled into Something. The link below should serve as an example of what i’m attempting the accomplish. Thanks again for any help that could be offered.

Ok Thanks. additional question, Would the add force node be added to the “Enemy” actors blueprint or to the Players and then casted to the enemy?

The enemy. You apply force to the enemy so it happens there. Cast to the enemy type and then call a function that adds the force.