How to create a turn based multiplayer game


I’m looking to create a turn based multiplayer game where all player choose their action during the same turn, and then each player does their actions at the same time. To explain with an example, its like if im playing rock paper scissor. I want Player A and B to have 10 seconds to choose their “Handshape”, then, after 10seconds gone, see the result and restart.

I’m new with unreal, I’ve learned the basics, looked tutorials from Unreal and some on Youtube. I’ve scripted(blueprint) the first level of Mario (box, coins, points, timer, death, game over, UI, Win conditions, material change, etc). But that’s pretty much all I know.

I want to learn more so I’m trying to create a game by my own that is completly different. But for this, I need the base, When I scripted Mario, I used the sidescroller project. Now I want to create a turn based multiplayer game and it’s like I have a white sheet with a spoon and a controller and I dont know what to use to start drawing and know for sure it wont draw anything. I just don’t know what I need to do!

So yeah, does someone know a good tutorial, or if the answer is easy to put here it would be very appreciated.

Thank you very much!

If you don’t know a tutorial or have the complete explaination and you just have a clue on where I can start it would be great too. I don’t mind searching by myself and try and try until it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure about a tutorial. If you dont mind paying for a system there is a turn based system on the marketplace. Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
Alternatively, you could look at storing actions in a variable… i.e player move to x,y then have a function called by a end turn button on a widget that carried out all move actions, etc. That would be my approach. You could store the actions on the player character. It depends how you want to do it.

Yeah I found it too while researching, but I really want to understand how it works so I prefer to do it by myself. But yeah you’re approach sounds good, it gave me some ideas. Thanks a lot!