How to create a tunnel?

hello !

i have a simple landscape … i added a few hills/mountains with the sculpt tool and now i want to create a tunnel through the hills …

i followed this guide/tutorial/doc :

but its not working … whenever i want to use the visibility tool it doesnt create a hole - it only applies the materiel to the complete landscape square …

what am i doing wrong ?

Hi Stuartew,

I know Cryengine 2 and 3 used to have a Voxel Editor feature where you could model caves in real time easily, but due to some bug problems it was patched out. The best possible way to create caves are through third party model programs like Blender or 3dsmax,maya, ZBrush etc. You will have to model lots of rocks or try make a shape of a tunnel and just place the meshes in the engine together so that the meshes form a tunnel. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Stuartew,

In those tutorials it’s covering using landscape material. The last one is using a mask material to allow you to see through those parts of the mesh painted with the mask material.

If you want to cut a hole in the Landscape you’ll need to do the following:

In Landscape Mode > Select your landscape > Change the mode from sculpt to “Management” > select “Delete” mode

With this mode enabled you would use it the same way you would sculpting.

This mode will select the component squares that make up your landscape and hold CTRL + LMB to delete the square component.

You can use other meshes/landscapes to be under this hold to create your cave-like area.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


You might watch Hourences video at youtube. He talks about how he built caves just using pre-built meshes.

Furthermore landscapes support “hole” materials that allow you to essentially draw a hole in the landscape which you’d then replace with a static mwsh cave. You can’t directly carve caves into landscapes.

it works fine as long as i simply dig a hole in the ground (vertical) … but i cant use it horizontal to create a tunnel through a mountain or something

Another way is to use the “horizontal” hole by using the Landscape Visibility Mask node in your landscape material. Here is the documentation

When setting up the LandscapeVisibilityMask node make sure this is in your landscapes material and not a separate material. The images there do not indicate these are the same material. Once you have the material setup in the details panel for your landscape on the right hand side you’ll want to add the landscape material you made again in the “Landscape Hole Material” slot. This will allow you to use the Visibility sculpt tool to paint areas that are holes.

If you have any questions let me know!


Ouch, 2014 sorry for spamming didn’t notice bc idea is so spot on! & Ya THIS, so old news to have to put a hole there, I get its been done apparently not easy, not on radar I suppose ,supply demand–but man SO need it right now,if my programming skills matchd artisti I’d BE there ;)) There is NO option that is desireable. I’ll make a new thread later.