how to create a training project in VR for engineering assembly trainings

I need to make a project in which I could learn how to design various parts from airplanes (Engine, etc.) Can you help me how to create it?
Like this

Building one of these from scratch will be kinda tough. The first thing you need is to be able to pick up objects. There are plenty of tutorials how to do that like this very simple one for example
The next thing is to be able to attach the holding object to it’s place after you release it. I’d check if the object is in a collision radius with the attach point and if it is snap the object’s location and rotation to it. Here’s one video that shows you how it could be done
The next part is to determinate which object comes the next. There are multiple ways how to do that. I’d probably assign a number to each object from 0 to [total number of objects] and a game instance with a number counter.

Let’s say the game instance counter is 0. You loop through every placeble object and check which one has number 0 assigned to it. When it finds one then it sets a variable like “CanBePlaced” to true so you can grab it and place it somewhere. After you correctly place it the game instance counter will increase by 1. And you loop through the objects again like this until all objects are placed