How to create a text scroller

Im trying to find a way to create a text box that prints out strings letter by letter. RPG’s involve this text based talking system and I want to recreate it.Im not sure how I can create it in UMG. My only thoughts were to display eact letter with an event tick but that would be very costly. Any help?

Have you tried a flipbook texture, and have that as a material in UMG? You could then control the speed that the text is revealed.

Wouldnt flipbook require me to add every character as an image?

I’m not an animator so can’t provide the best process. But, you’d want to use a program to animate the reveal, export it as images, and then create the sprite sheet for use with the flipbook. There are a bunch of programs that can do that.

So, I’m definitely not suggesting you make every image by hand, use a tool, or couple tools together to make your sprite sheets.