How to create a stack into a resources verse file

I have a verse file utils.verse that I want to declare a stack to be use in all my verse scripts.

using { / }
using { / }
using { / }
using { / }

stack<public>(t:type) := class<computes>:
    Items<public>:[]t = array{}
        stack(t){ Items := Items + array{Item} }
    Pop<public>()<decides><computes>:tuple(stack(t), t)=
        Ret:t = Items[Items.Length - 1]
        (stack(t){ Items := Items.RemoveElement[Items.Length - 1] }, Ret)
        if(Items.Length = 0):
            return true

But I keep having an error declaration in VCStudio with: stack(t:type) := class

(t:type) Can't access a function from a preceding type.(3502)

I know this is an old post, but did you ever manage to resolve this? I’m running into the same issue

Nope! I just got back to the project and still have this odd situation where I can’t declare a generic stack type for all my verse files. It is such a basic and frustrating case, no idea why I can’t declare a type t