How to create a specific Ambient Occlusion map for 3-dimensional textures

So I tried to reverse engineer the brick wall texture available in the starter content (It’s called: M_Brick_Clay_New). The problem is at one point it seems that the ambient occlusion map consists of a green/white and purple structure as opposed to what I always thought an AO map was just white with darker shades on where the texture on the model gets occluded.

My question is is there a way to create such an AO map? I want to know this to create some custom brick textures.

Hey JorisCeoen -

The Texture to which you are referring is a Greypacked texture. Each Color Channel the Red, Green and Blue, have a different Greyscale image. Since AO maps are greyscaled images anyway to save textrue call and memory space, it was added together to 2 additional images in order to have one texture call. You can access the various channels individually by pulling off the red, green or blue pins on the Texture Sample.

For reference, the Texture you mention stores the AO map in the Green Channel.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

Thanks a lot, that clears up a lot of information. I will keep this in mind from now on. Thanks for your time and explanation!