How to create a space simulator?

Good day, I want to create something like Space Engine on Unreal Engine 4. I would like to keep the same physics as in space engine, and thanks to the unreal engine 4 graphics. What do you need? In Unreal Engine 4 you can create space on such a scale (every planet has to be modeled in real size). And last question, how to create physics for cosmic bodies? Usually unreal engine 4 grace operates to the floor, and I need every body had their gratu.

Without wanting to sound patronising, you should probably start smaller than this. I’d imagine that the developer(s) of Space Engine probably started very experimentally - for example, they may have spent many months just tinkering with making something cool - for example some crazy procedural system for generating planets before deciding that they may have something that they could actually turn into a game.

If you want to create a space sim, i’d suggest making some sort of spaceship blueprint with some scratch geometry, turn off the gravity and experiment until you’ve got something which behaves as you’d like your spaceship to. I don’t think there are any shortcuts to doing this (except the fact that UE has quite a good physics system built in). If you want to make a space sim then you’re going to have to put the effort into it.

Having a real planet-sized planet alone is going to be a mega programming job that will probably required engine modifications/plugins to get working.

For the physics side of you probably want to read up some articles on Kerbal Space Program and the way they hacked planetary physics together.

Read through the gravity laws for celestial bodies, it’ll help you.

And theoretically, scale doesn’t matter at all for a modern engine, as it has a floating point precision that scales up and down very well.

F = G(M1*M2)/(d^2)

Planetary models are easy to do. Don’t make a No Man’s Sky.

I don’t think you really can make something like Space Engine in UE4. Problem is space is really really big and floating point precision goes only so far. If you follow Star Citizen they had pretty serious problems with precision at the start of their development. And Star Citizen version of space is really scaled down compared to “real” space like in Space Engine.

In Star Citizen, they use chunks and double precision to account for that.

I would probably start with a top down space shooter or something like eve. You can build out your quadrants from a top down view. You will also start the process of physics. How the ship moves in space , acceleration etc. Than I would probably move towards in ship mobility. where the player can switch from cockpit view to walking in their ship. Then start start with FPS shooting. and than move towards docking and building space ports and than building planets and slowly move from there. Try to do the most minimum first. But finished game. If I had a good game designer, I could build a space similator easily.