How to create a smooth camera animation on a Camera Rig Rail

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I want to create a long camera flight throug an environment. Therefore I have created a camer rig rail, which defines the path for the camera and I am using the sequencer to animate the camera along the camera rig. Lock orientation to rig is activated.
Basically it is working fine, but on every spline point of the camera rig the camer shakes, because the rig’s path is not 100% smooth. How can I avoid this from happening? Can I somehow smooth the camera position and orientation values when following a camera rig rail?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ok, I have found a solution. You can select the spline element in the component editor, select every single point of the rig and adjust the type of it. see image

Maybe helpful for someone else :slight_smile:


I’ve tried so many things, including setting all of the spline points to use CurveClamped, but I’m still getting a jerky motion right at the spline points

Yeah this doesn’t create buttery smooth camera animation I was hoping for.

The solution is to change the “Reparam Steps Per Segment” to 100. The default is 10. This is found under the same “RailSplineComponent” section.

Hope this helps!

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