How to create a smooth 90 degree rotation for beginners?

I’m trying to make a car patrol around the city, however I’m really struggling with Blueprint scripting, therefore really having trouble understanding how to make my car rotate at a smooth angle when it hits a turn. All the questions I’ve found answered don’t really give explanations on how to achieve the blueprint that they put out, so I’m unable to figure out how they did it. Can someone please give me a good explanation on how to achieve this smooth rotation? Thank you!

Bump - Anyone?

You are half way there, you need to get the location of the Target 2 and then find the lookat rotation based on the starting location before moving…try something like this:

The target location for the Find Look at node should be the Target 2 location and the start is the current location for the AI that is moving. You can play around with the Interp Speed and Delta Time settings (you could also plug in a Get World Delta Seconds node into Delta Time) to get the results that work the way you want them to.