How to create a slowmo bubble where projectiles and players who enter it go into slowmo?

I know how to trigger a global time dilation but not how to only apply time dilation to everything that gets into the area.

Afair, it will not work for physics sim. Timelines already have a rate, so this can be adjusted easily. Works on the movement component and projectile component:

Static mesh Sphere has no collision; Sphere1 collision overlaps all (or what’s needed):

You can use End Overlap to revert dilation back to the standard value.

Regarding physics and Projectile Movement Component:

* If the updated component is simulating physics, only the initial launch parameters (when initial velocity is non-zero)
* will affect the projectile, and the physics sim will take over from there.

So if you do funky stuff to projectiles (or players), it may break the dilation.


Extending upon the above concept, you can in theory use it for physics object but your results may vary on some factors. After overlap do a check to see if the overlapping actor is simulating physics or not. If Simulating (TRUE) then multiply linear and angular velocity by a small number e.g. 0.1 and on end overlap again multiply the velocities by the inverse of the previous number e.g. 1/0/1=10 This solution will work on most cases but if you apply any kind of force inside the bubble it will make it bullet speed :stuck_out_tongue:
here is a video where I implemented a similar concept ReExistence Abilities Demo [UE4 Project] [Work in Progress]


Ha, this sounds (and looks!) cool!

So you essentially take over the sim, and Set Linear and Angular Velocities manually every frame?

Thank you for the reply. The images were extremely helpful if not necessary. Took me a day but I got it working. Made my day.

I may try that archangel tip later, I do intend to do funky stuff with the physics. Now I just need to build something for change.

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not every frame. just reduce the velocities on Begin Overlap and increase the velocities on End Overlap

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