HOW to Create a "slide show" image from a computer folder

so basically I want to create a screen that has an old slide projector at it and when the player presses a key it goes to the next slide in the deck and if they push the back key it goes back to the previous image - need help creating the blueprint for that and how that would work - ALSO want the images easy to change so it would almost be linked to a image folder like a image sequence but it would be manually changed instead of playing automatically like a movie

You could implement it in the following way:

  1. Create a UserWidget like this:

  1. Get needed images as Texture2D. If you want to get slides from your project content, use Asset Registry:

Otherwise, you could use a plugin BlueprintFileUtilities to list the files in a folder and load them using a node ImportFileAsTexture2D.


  1. Apply the first slide from the array to the widget image:

  1. Setup buttons:

Widget Blueprint:
WBP_Slideshow.uasset (211.1 KB)

If you have a slide projector on the level, you could use a RectLight.

Also, you could look at this tutorial to create a projector light.

I hope it’ll be helpful for you.

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