How to create a simple mini game?

Hey guys, I am currently working on a project in which we would like to have some puzzles. For instance I’ve been scratching my head for couple hours on how to do something like a padlock (this with cogwheels and getting the right combination of digits). I’d like to somehow make it like in Skyrim but not in 2D but 3D. Like shown on this asset: Lockpicking in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

So if you imagine having like a box on which a padlock is, and character that approaches this padlock. When I press interaction button, what should happen next? Do you think that this padlock should be of Pawn type which I should Possess and then using buttons change the rotation of cogs to get the combination right, or maybe I just need to change camera position and simply make the padlock take my input?

I would be really grateful for any ideas and answers, as for now I never had this kind of issue where I was on to create a game inside a game.

I have actually solved the issue my way. So if its gonna be of any help to you guys. I approached it this way.
I created a camera in the scene, referenced it in my mini game blueprint, and whenever my player wants to crack the lock, I change the camera view from First Person to this other camera looking at the pad lock. I block look and move input for Player, and take input for the cogs moving on Pad lock.

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