How to create a simple Follow Formation?

I’m making a 3rd-Person Isometric RPG selectable characters and I’ve been successful with getting my party members to follow me with an AIMoveTo node. The issue I’m having is that no matter what I put into the AIMoveTo node referencing a position other than exactly where the current selected character is, the AI still tries to move to the location of the selected player. I’ve tried adding actors behind and to the right or left of the character and setting those as the Destination and I’ve tried to add or subtract from the Actor’s location to offset where the other AIs would go, but the only result I’m getting is the AIs moving toward the exact Character Actor location. How can I get my friendly AIs to move to different specific points behind my character, like they are naturally following them?

The Char Ref is the Controlled Character. The AIs will only follow the players location even when I add an offset distance, thought if I offset it really far away, they kind of stagger walk to that location. I don’t know what that means, but the AIs are not walking to the desired location.

If I change it to a location of a sphere offset to another point, the AI still zeroes in on my character mesh. I have no explanation for this. Does anyone know why this does not work?

The issue was not what I thought it was. I had put the AIMoveTo Pawn to Self, which basically made my Switch on Int sort pointless. I should have assigned them to the Array Element instead.