How to create a shockwave/explosion type effects that affect nearby actor without Simulate Physics

Hi There!

I am working on a side scroller melee, and when the character is in the air, they can press a button that will launch them downwards onto the ground, causing some sort of explosive/shockwave damage to the nearby actors that are in the range. With falloffs as well. I attached an illustration to show what I meant

I’ve been using a radial force component thats attached to the Player , and to fire impulse when he hits the ground. Currently, for the sake of testing out the mechanics, I mapped it to a button on the keyboard.

So when the button is pressed, it sends a multisphere trace, to trace all the actor within the sphere. However, the Fire Impulse function only seems to affect one actor at a time. Currently, when the player presses the V button, only one actor in the range is sent backward. So I’m not sure how to make it so that the Radial Force is affecting all the actors within it’s radius. I should note that I wouldn’t really want to use physics body for the enemy class actors, because I don’t want them to ragdoll away. So simulate physics is currently off. I’ll have my own manual death animation if their health gets below zero, so I wouldn’t ever need physics or ragdoll death. Also this action is just an attack, it may or may not kill the surrounding actors.

I’ve been experimenting with launch character but I’m not sure how to go about achieving the shockwave/explosion falloff affect that I wanted (which means the launch character values are always different depending of the location of the actors in the sphere trace -the closer they are the more launch force they would get-etc)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!!