How to create a server notification on player kill?

Hey guys as art of my mod I want to replicate the sotf xp bonus when you kill a player. I assume its using the playerpawntest model and creating some sort of script using the event graph I just dont know how to set up the conditions or whihc things I need to use, Im assuming it has to be some way to check health, from there obtain the killers data, as in player name, give that player an exp buff, display server message who was killed by who. This is what I want to do and do some sort of event, for example: Alpha raptor spawns. Im assuming use event on spawn in, and display server message, Alpha raptor has spawn!, I tried doing this but the message wont show… please help me Im guessing im missing certain conditions.

Well, good sir. What do you have?

I just found out I was using the wrong section, going through the sotf files I found out that I will ahve to make a custom game state and create functions to do this. Im currently working on it will keep you posted.

Ok after looking at sotf and trying to replicate the system, It is pretty **** hard, I need to make a system of variables that can fetch the Tribes in the whole server, give them an Id, that id will then be use to determine who killed who, and do a system which takes the killers id as well, from my understanding, this killer id which is the same as the tribe, will be looked in the array system and found by comparison then all teammates and dinos will obtain the exp buff. Seems like a pretty big job.