How to create a "sand surfing" movement?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create a “surfing” movement where the character would smoothly slide on any surfaces.
It would be really similar to the sand surfing in JOURNEY.

Here’s some video:

I’m just trying to create a simple blueprint to run some tests. (I don’t even need the different character animations) I guess that the value that would be involved for surfing would be something like Forward Vector?

It would be absolutely awesome if someone could help me on this one.

Thanks guys!

the preview video looks already pretty good. What exactly are you missing?

You can achieve this in different ways.
I would try like this: default movement will by fly (with some tuning - air acceleration, breaking friction etc). Than you can line trace ground and always aline it to the ground. Like this you can easily make and hoverboard with some Z offsets. Also, you can trace 3 points: forward, middle and back…or just forward and back so you can roll and rotate your surfboard with the ground.
Basically, you can always push Add movement input for forward vector, and align with ground with Get Up Vector (+1 or -1 to align)/