How to create a Red set node with blue target input?? help!

Hi guys

In lots of places I look I can see a red set node with a blue target input. I however cant seem to be able to create this. See image below.


In the video below at 2:15 I can see it being created in Unreal 4, but cant seem to be able to do it myself in Unreal 5.

Has anyone out there been able to create this in Unreal 5 or up? If so could you please take me through the steps. This would be much appreciated.



FYI What I am trying to do is to allow my character to move after a “open level” node is added in the blueprint. ( see below ) Currently once I add a “open level” node it freezes any movement in game play. I am trying to solve this by adding a blue target input on my final set node for my “get player controller” to go into.

Hey @bensharpeee!

So the thing is, that blue target input is to set the variable ON whatever it is.
Since your player controller has nothing to do with the level, this wouldn’t have a point. Now you can drag off of “GetPlayerController”->“GetPlayerPawn”->“CastToThirdPersonCharacter” (or first or whatever) and “As” that cast, you can use “Set” to set any variable on that character.

But all of this has nothing to do with levels.
You may want to seek out a level-switching tutorial!