How to create a readable in-game book

I wanted to do something like in Skyrim, if making an actual book is too hard, maybe i could just create like a sheet of paper with text on it. I tried something like that in Blueprint and it seemed to work ok, except the paper fell through the floor, any way to fix that? had that same problem in UDK, small objects would fall through the floor.


If things are falling through the floor, that’s a collision problem on your mesh–make sure it’s got collision set up properly on any items placed in world–you might need to fake larger collisin for something like an infinitely thin sheet of paper.

As for doing an ingame book–I think Skyrim actually loads up a book “UI”, doesn’t it? It doesn’t smoothly animate the book opening or anything…it just plays a sound and pops up a new UI. irrc. You should be able to mimic that pretty easily with UMG. If you have to do this a lot you might benefit from looking up a tutorial on datatables so you can author all the content in excell (a page per line, for example) or some other database editor with spellcheck. Not to mention itll be much easier to organize lots of pages/books that way.

That was Oblivion, Skyrim did actually turn pages but no book covers, and all as you said, in a Book UI environment. You have 2 options, if you are not going to have many books, maybe an animated book, with different materials per page.
on the other hand I saw some similar effects using Widget BP with text variable + scene capture 2D. and then using that texture to use it with a blank page texture to generate your pages…