How to create a Quad-Gun and have it fire in a sequential pattern?

HI guys!
Once again I need your help.

I want to make quad-gun spaceship that shoots projectiles from each gun in consistently (in order 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-…) while “fire” button is pressed. Since I’m new to UE4 (but learning) I want to ask for some advice: how to make that with BP? Also, how I can make in BP that my projectile (bullet or so) is spawned in the slots that i have for each of my gun?

Sorry for my english…

You should look at the Sequence node and maybe add a few Delays between the different weapons. For spawning a projectile, you can get the Position of the gun with “get Actor Transform” and spawn a projectile at that Position.

But guns attached to ship - it is one model. I’ve maded slots for each gun in Persona, so now I want that pojectiles shoot from those slots instead from one position that I use with “get Actor Transform”. I’ve found node named “spawn emitter attached” with the space for name of the slot that it must be attached to and it works perfect, but do we have any similar node for projectile?

I’ve found it - “GetSocketLocation” node is what we need. Just input mesh, and socket name into that node - and you done!