How to create a project in unreal Engine? - suggestions, in 1 month, 2,3,4 months or weeks?

:heart:I recommend that you first install plugins, install oddle and others that are very important and saves you hours and hours of time, first use the most repetitive mechanics and kinematics systems, to achieve a project in 1 month or months, you can download ready-made projects and edit it, there are splines, there you learn what each one is for and implement plugins, artificial intelligence, procedurals, there is a procedural sound video, you can achieve it, you can achieve everything in a couple of weeks or months, it all depends on you and your time , try to love what you do.
Godot is a good choice, such as the unit, etc.
Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most intuitive and realistic tools of all game engines, just try to search for add-ons and fashions of the month, you will make your game in 1 month very popular, if you have 3 months of time, an Unreal course Engine 4 for architecture and game design would be nice, Twinmotion to Unreal Engine 4 is one of the best weapons in Unreal Engine 4, it is fascinating.
I am starting 3 months ago in this field of unreal, the truth is fascinating, everything that can be exploited, the sky is the limit,
unreal engine 4 is for all industries, both cars, triple AAA games, broadcast, film, simulations, vr, medicine, etc.

The TIps and tricks of unreal are incredible, or the live events you learn a lot, the 100 tricks, etc, etc, focus on 1 thing, make it simple and great, is my recommendation, well I saw that the forum is new, good bye.

You can do it, cheer up, sorry for my English.