How to create a plug-in for UE4?

Hi, I have a really cool idea for a plug-in however, I never had experience making one this is why I’m asking this question here as there are much more experienced people here that could possibly link me a few guides that would help me learn how to make a plug-in for ue4. Thanks!

There you go:

There also plugin creation wizard plugin which let you start up quickier.

Plugins code is no different from game project code, nothing prevent you to add editor code to game project (aside of EULA distribution limitations). Only true difference between game project and plugin is fact you can enable code module that is the plugin to any project by enabling that plugin, classes that you add to plugin will be included to the project just by enabling plugin, but classes themselves could be as well place in game project as they are the same. In general when you code C++ and make code module you effectively extending engine code, game projects and plugins is just different ways of utilizing and distributing it.

So if you already know how to code in UE4 then you already know how to make plugins. Only extra thing you probably want to learn how to extend the editor, which again you could also do in game project and it’s not some special plugin feature.

One problem with plugins is that there no class wizard and you need to manually make a files. Also editor extending is one of most undocumented areas of UE4 so prepare for lot of engine source code and hunting for some tutorials in wild.

Thanks! :smiley: