How to create a physics asset for the whole body of a modular character?


I am currently trying to implement ragdoll physics for my modular character. I am using the set master pose technique so the whole character only has one physics asset for the ragdoll. That is why i need a physics asset for the whole modular character ( head, legs, body … ) and was wondering if that was possible. Is it possible to combine every physics asset for each body part into one ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi Slamyr, I also looked for a solution for this and found this great Epic Game Tutorial for Modular Character: Working with Modular Characters | Unreal Engine Documentation

As described in the tutorial, the “Mesh Merge” solution should be also capable of using physics after merge. But I am not sure how Pys Assets are handled with that solution. The tutorial just says, that “Mesh Merge” support Physics.

But when I use the “mesh merge” solution with the c++ code, I can’t activate physics on the merged mesh. Any idea why? Did you give it a try and bring it to work fine?