How to create a note door (like in Banjo-Kazooie?)

Well just like any other programming there are many ways to go about this. But the end reault would be your player will have to check if it has enough to open the door, or the door will have to check the player. since it’s the door that has the requirement I would have the door do it. So if the player has a public variable or function to access the orb count then have the door get player character and cast to what ever your play class is then access that info to determine if it should open or not.

Granted this is but only 1 possible methods.

For those who are unfamiliar, I am basically asking for a door that will only open after the player presses a button and possesses a certain number of an object (expressed by a variable).

Example scenario: A door that only opens when the player is nearby, pressed F, and has 50 “orbs” (or whatever variable you desire).

I am new to blueprint scripting and could use some help. Thank you!

If it’s not too much trouble, could you provide a sample of this in blueprints or recommend a way to get a good start in using them?

Umm sure, give me a bit, in the middle of a game of league haha.

Ok I just got to record what I did and ill upload it for you.

Ok here is the Video Link. I did forget to go over setting up the doors collider, i’m using a box collider that I lined up with the door, set it BlockAllDynamic, then I reset it to custom so I could set the custom trace channel I made to Block, that parts really important lol. Also sorry for the audio not being perfect, for some reason my mic volume jumps on its own, its something i’m still trying to fix.

Hey, thanks very much! So sorry for the very late response, this is the first time I’ve checked in on this website in almost two months. Thanks again!